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Thursday, January 14, 2010

And So It Begins...

As my first week is nearly complete at the Heritage Foundation, I wanted to update those family and friends that helped me return to Washington, DC. I arrived on Saturday, settled in quickly, and began to meet and greet other young conservatives in my housing complex. There are individuals from all across the United States seeking to educate themselves in classical liberal conservatism that guided our Founding Fathers. We are being trained not just as conservative individuals but future leaders for America and the world.

On the first day of the internship, the Young Leaders Program (the internship program) treated us to lunch and led us to the National Gallery of Art and National Archives. The highlight of this trip was clearly the National Archives. I was fortunate to visit the National Archives two years ago while interning with the Family Research Council. Yet, for some reason (hmm...) I took my time reading the history behind the founding documents of our great country. As always, the visit was inspiring.

On Tuesday, the work-aspect of the internship began. We had many training sessions ranging from emergency preparedness to understanding the core principles of the Heritage Foundation (free enterprise, individual freedom, traditional values, a strong national defense, limited government). After lunch, we finally met our individual intern supervisors. My specific advisor is Dr. Kim Holmes, a Vice President in charge of Foreign Policy and Defense. So far, I have been researching news stories from around the world and preparing short briefs as well as reading and summarizing foreign policy articles.

As anyone who follows the news, the current foreign policy/defense/national security issues are virtually endless. Thus, myself and other interns have much work to do. I am extremely grateful not only for my short time at Heritage but also for everyone's prayers. Let us remember those suffering in Haiti and pray for those have lost loved ones.

There are many great opportunites and events coming up: the March for Life, CPAC, etc. So stay tuned....


  1. Hey, if you got yourself a camera up there, some pictures would be nice. :)

  2. The National Archives trip was really fun. I remember another intern proclaiming, "Holy s8!+! Is that the real Magna Carta??" Seeing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was the sort of experience that one can only imagine they're a kid.